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Applying settings across multiple locations

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Applying settings across multiple locations

We can save you time by using our tools to help you copy certain settings to multiple locations.

We understand that there are multiple situations where it will be necessary for you to copy certain settings to some or all of your locations.


To help you achieve this, we have launched a library of common actions that you can request from our team to complete!


Available via support:

  • Copy Agreements, when you need to change the wording of a Non-Disclosure agreement or your Safety and Health policies.

  • Copy Badge customization, a uniform design of your badges that can be applied to all your locations or tenants in a single building.

  • Copy user rights, ensure consistency across your different roles and users.

  • Copy Remote Registration custom flow, including questions, images, messages and videos.

  • Copy custom texts and translations.


Available upon request:

  • Copy Check-In Notification

  • Copy Check-Out Notification

  • Copy Check-Out Reminder

  • Copy custom screens for your kiosks, to ensure the visitor flow is the same across multiple locations including, questions, images, messages and videos.

  • Copy invitation email, your brand is important and a custom invitation email enhances the visitor experience.

  • Copy Kiosk configuration, such as your color choices, visitor identification preferences, and other Kiosk settings

  • Copy Welcome email

  • Copy Visit Reminder email and SMS


Global Admins

To request a copy action you must be a global admin. A global admin has access to multiple locations or tenant accounts and can register via their assigned Customer Success Manager or Relationship Manager, to register you can contact us at . In addition to access to these copy tools, you can not be removed from these locations by other admins, ensuring you always have a full overview of your locations.


Submit a copy request

To submit a copy request click on the messenger and select the option "Request Copy Settings" from the automated menu.

You will then be prompted to select the action you want to trigger and in some cases provide additional information like the location (s) where the action needs to take place.

If you need to enter a Company Code (CO-XXXX), you can find this in the URL of your Dashboard:

If we require additional information, a team member will contact you, otherwise, we will proceed to process your changes within 1-2 business days and you should receive confirmation then.


If your desired option is not available, contact your Customer Success Manager so we can review any possible workarounds or make it available in the future.

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