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Global Dashboard

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Global Dashboard

Navigating Global Dashboard

Global Dashboard

Navigating to the global dashboard is done by selecting the location dropdown at the top of the screen and clicking on the Airnotate under Organizations.


This will then bring up a list of managed locations which you are able to select and view the dashboard for. You are able to edit or delete locations by using the 3 dots to the right of each location.


Adding a Location

From the home screen, at the top of the window is the location selector.


Select the drop-down arrow beside the location, then select ‘Create new location’


Fill in the necessary details and then ‘Save’ your new location.

The map will pinpoint an exact location, you can zoom in by using the + and – functions to view that location.

You can choose to copy over the settings from your current location or create it without those settings.

Now that you have created your new location you can see it has changed in the location drop down at the top of the window.


Custom Fields

Custom fields are there to allow the user to ask questions of their visitors. In the top right side of the Global Dashboard window, there is a ‘New custom field’ button.


Selecting this will allow you to create a new custom field. Once you have completed the necessary information, click ‘Save’. You will then see your new field in the list.


You can delete or edit these by selecting the 3 dots the right of the custom field.


The custom fields can be added in the usual way within the location, Visitors, Configure kiosk then custom screens, or from within settings on the Global Dashboard itself.



Templates are used for different types of visitors. Some sites have offices and factories, and others just have offices. The template allows an admin to set out who is allowed to check into each site and what questions should be asked.

You can create a new template by selecting ‘Create a template’ at the top right of the settings screen which is on the main Global Dashboard.


When you have selected to create a new template you are asked which group of settings you want to add it to.



Check in


Will bring up the basic template to create a new check-in template.



Remote Registration


Will allow you to configure a remote registration template and assign it to a site


You can then assign your new template to a specific site by selecting the location under the settings and ticking the site name.


You can then use the templates you have created in the registration flow within the settings to shape how it is used and where in the registration process it is delivered.


This is also where you can choose custom fields, add messages, images or videos or create new questions to ask your visitors.


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