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New Subscription Plans Grandfathered Prime and Packs

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New Subscription Plans Grandfathered Prime and Packs

All you need to know about Proxyclick's new subscription plans and pricing released in 2021.  Legacy V2 pricing

Why is Proxyclick changing its pricing? 

We understand one size doesn't fit all and we are making it easier for you to select a base plan with unlimited visits (Prime) and the ability to build your own solution with our add on feature packs, namely Efficiency+, Security+, Privacy+ and Deliveries+.


What is the base plan or Prime?

Prime is required for all new subscribers to Proxyclick and also for those who wish to upgrade their current plan. It has all the basics you need to improve security, increase efficiency and protect your visitors' data.


What are the available feature add-ons to Prime and what do they include?

If efficiency is important to you, this is a must have! With custom reply buttons to the check in notifications and assistant notifications, as well as the ability to manage multiple entrances and recurring and group visits in an effort-less manner.

Interested in real time and meaningful data about your location(s)? Our Analytics module is available with this pack. 


With Security+ you can add advanced security and smart flows to your process. Ability to activate mandatory pre-registration, check in effortlessly with visitor specific QR codes, automated or manual visitor identification and custom flows for all visitor types.

You will always be on the know with a daily summary of your activities and check out reminders if a visitor is still in the building outside their scheduled time. You will have peace of mind with our full audit trail.

Tip 💡 Watchlist, one of our most popular features is included in this feature add on, it allows you to easily identify and notify your teams of visitors who may possess a threat to your location or staff.

You can customise your badges per visitor type and easily identify everyone in your building. Health and Safety information can be made available in the kiosk at check in.

This add-on is required for customers that wish to activate one of our Access Control integrations, visit our Marketplace to find out more. 


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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