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Recommended Watchlist Set-Up for Multi-Tenant

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Recommended Watchlist Set-Up for Multi-Tenant

Here is a summary of our recommended method to set up the Watchlist feature across a Multi-Tenant building

The Watchlists feature can be set up to alert the appropriate parties when a host has invited someone on a tenant's watchlist to the building.



Tenant Level Set-Up:


Each individual tenant should create their own Watchlist by adding records within their tenant account.


Add any tenant specific individuals who should receive Watchlists alerts and modify how they will receive these alerts.



Building Level Set-Up (Part 1):


Within the Base Building account, add all members of the building security team as administrators (or tenant agents, need settings access).


A user with settings access to the Base Building account and all tenant accounts will need to login to the Base Building account and activate all tenant watchlists.


Add all building security team members (and any other necessary individuals) to receive desired alerts regarding watchlists.



Building Level Set-Up (Part 2):


A user who is an administrator across all tenant accounts as well as the base building account must login to each individual tenant account and activate all other tenant's watchlists. (i.e. the building property manager logs in to tenant A's account and turns on the watchlists for tenants B, C and D, then into tenant B's account and turns on watchlists for tenants A, C and D, and so on.) This will alert tenant level security teams when tenant A invites someone on tenant B's watchlist.


To Note:

In order to have visibility to watchlist matches make sure that the appropriate individuals have the "Can see watchlist matches in the Logbook" right under user rights.


Watchlists screening is a feature of the Security+ pack or is found within your Multi-Tenant plan.


If you have any questions or feedback, please contact or send us a message on the live chat.

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