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Managing Recurring Visitors for Single and Group Visits

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Managing Recurring Visitors for Single and Group Visits

What you need to know when creating recurring visits


What is a recurring visit?

Two examples of recurring visits:

  1. When a contractor comes in daily, Monday through Friday for 3 months.

  2. An intern visiting twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday every week for 6 months.

What are the benefits of creating recurring visits?

Creating a recurring visit is an efficient way to schedule visitors who need regular access to your location for an extended period of time. For example, contractors, visiting employees from another branch, or intern.


This will save you time from not having to create a visit every time someone needs to visit your location. The feature also automatically populates on the logbook on the day of the scheduled visit.


How to create recurring visits

You'll be able to create a recurring visit under the "New Visit" button. See below.


Once you check the Recurring visit box below, you can see the settings expand.


You'll then have the option to choose a recurrence type such as Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly. Next, you'll be able to set the recurrence and dates of the visit.


Once you create the visit, you'll then see the recurring visit on the day it is scheduled to start.



Can you edit recurring visits?

Yes, however, you can only edit the day of the recurring visit. At this time you're not able to edit the recurring visit in the past or future.


In the meantime, you can edit a recurring visit on the day of the visit from the dashboard.


*Also, you may notice some of the fields are grayed out, see why, and what you can do about it, here.


The screenshot below shows you that you can edit a single recurring visit or edit all upcoming recurring visits by clicking the visit status dropdown.




Does everyone need access to edit or create recurring visits?

No. Not everyone needs access and is important to contain which users are allowed to create recurring visits.


Proxyclick enables administrators to choose who is able to have access to create recurring visits, on three levels:

  1. Users cannot create recurring visits (only single occurrence visits)

  2. Users can create recurring visits with an end date

  3. Users can create recurring visits without an end date


How do you set different access levels?


The admin user navigates to Settings → User rights. Then, select the group you want to change the level, and clicks on 'Manage rights'.



Above image: Check this box to enable this user group to create recurring visits


Above image: Once the first checkbox is ticked, the second one appears below to enable the group to create recurring visits without an end date



Important things to keep in mind

  • When you adjust the settings they are equally applied to single visits and group visits.

  • This setting also applies to visits created through the calendar integrations (generic calendar integration, Outlook add-in).

  • Hosts who create a recurring meeting via the integration without having proper rights will receive an email from the Proxyclick system notifying them of this situation. Only the first occurrence of the visit will be created in Proxyclick. All recurrences set via the calendar integration are ignored.

  • This setting does not apply to visits created through the API



If you have any questions about managing contractors at your location, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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