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Switch Your Location (Mobile)

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Switch Your Location (Mobile)

Quickly bring up the Location Switcher and then change your location.

Follow the Steps

From the Concierge menu, tap on Maps to begin.

The menu items in the Concierge menu are configurable so the menu item could be called Find & Book or another name that suits your business, see Set up the Concierge Menu for 3 or more menu items.

Tap your current location for example 425 Collins St.


If you tap on the 4th floor this will open a new tab and display the location in Google Maps.


The Location Switcher displays. When you switch your location you will be able to see which floors have availability. You will see how many desks are still available and ready to be reserved by you. The number in the center is the total number of spaces you can reserve and the purple is how many available desks you have permission to reserve.

Select a region and then a building and floor.

The location displays with the floorplan.

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