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COVID-19: Portfolio Overview Dashboard

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COVID-19: Portfolio Overview Dashboard


Gives you insights into where your people are and what the relative number of new COVID-19 cases reported has been over the last 7 days. This may be indicative of which locations you may be able to return to work sooner or later.   

Special Data Elements

  • Workforce Headcount - Total number of people assigned to a space or team in Serraview.

  • Working from Home - Members of the workforce having the "Work From Home" flag set to True in the People Directory.

  • Working from Office -  Members of the workforce having the "Work From Home" flag set to False People Directory.

Special Data Sources

Special Drill Downs

  • Metrics - detailed records that make up the metric.
  • Chart Columns - detailed records that make up the column.
  • CountriesCOVID-19 Daily Cases Dashboard for that country.


  • The map highlights are based on the number of new confirmed COVID-19 cases in the past 7 days.
  • This map is limited to country-level data. State and county-level data for a limited number of countries are planned for a future update.
  • To ensure consistency with occupancy figures used to track Work From home and Back To Work activities, this dashboard includes only those buildings managed via Block & Stack (VBS).


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