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End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard

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End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard

OLD - Bookings & Reservations Folder

This contains the previous End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard (Old). We will leave the original until our next release update to give you time to move any existing automated scheduling of that report to the new one and to refresh/update the list of direct dashboard links and secured actions within Serraview to make use of the new dashboard instead of the old.

NEW - Utilization Folder

The new End of Day Cleaning Task List Dashboard is found in the Utilization folder.


This highlights spaces for Cleaning Crews to focus their sanitization efforts where needed, based on which spaces were booked​ or utilized. This is a great dashboard for scheduling for the cleaning teams, and now captures all signs of usage including Booking, Badge, SVLive, and Sensor.

Special Filters

  • Source filter - optional filter to control which sources are used


  • Reflects bookings made up until the end of the previous day

  • Badge data is an assumption of usage based on a person's home location and the fact they swiped in. Badge alone cannot confirm if that person actually used that desk.


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