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SVLive2 Presence Service Maintenance

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SVLive2 Presence Service Maintenance

At the time of implementation, SVLive Presence Service is added to the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) and deployed to desktops and laptops at sites that Property would like to capture real-time utilization of space.

The SVLive Presence Service must remain part of the SOE throughout the duration on the service. Newer versions of SVLive Presence Service may be required to be rolled out post implementation, and this will be provided by your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

Some changes in your SOE or Network environment may cause disruptions to your data feed. With our Cloud-based diagnostics and logging, Serraview can help identify the nature of any disruptions to service.

There is no User Interface for SVLive Presence Service, it is a background application that requires no user interaction. 

SVLive Presence Service is a passive, background application that is launched when a user logs in and is closed when the user logs out again. There are no configuration screens or administrative controls for the application. The initial configuration is set with the installation script.

Ensure SVLive Presence Service is part of Standard Operating Environment


Impact on Service

If a device does not have SVLive Presence Service installed but is connected to the network, SVLive will not report anything about that device.

SVLive Presence Service Version Number

If you need to find the version number for the SVLive Presence Service installed.

Windows 10

  1. Open the Windows' Task Manager. Either: Search for Task Manager; press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select Task Manager.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Find the sps.exe. This is the SVLive Presence Service running.
  4. Right-click the sps.exe. A pop-up menu displays.
  5. Select Properties. The sps.exe Properties tab displays.
  6. Click the Details tab.
  7. Find the Product version entry. This is the product version number.



  1. Open macOS’ Finder app.
  2. Press COMMAND-SHIFT-. to show all files and folders
  3. Navigate to the location of the SVLive Presence Service app: /usr/local/Serraview/Agent
  4. Select and press COMMAND-I to show the get info window.
  5. Find the Version entry. This is the product version number.


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