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Wire-up Maintenance FAQ

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Wire-up Maintenance FAQ

What is the Plugin Wire-up Service?

SVLive Plugin Wire-up Service is part of the Managed Location Service (MLS), a server-side component, which needs to be installed on a server within the Client's data center. It will use Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) to communicate to the switches on a floor when an auditor is doing an audit.

The information it retrieves is very similar to how MLS queries switches:

  • MAC Address of the connected device
  • Switch the MAC address is connected to
  • Switch port and switch port label (if available) that the MAC address is connected to.

What is the security impact of wire-up?

Wire-up uses SNMP read-only community string to communicate to the switches on the floor the auditor is located. If there is an iACL to restrict SNMP access to certain clients, then the server MLS is running on will need to be added to this list.

What is the network load of MLS when wiring up?

The network load is minimal. Wire-up queries only the switches on the floor and caches most of the information it needs in memory.

How long does the MLS query take for a location?

This will depend on the size and make of the switch. It generally will take between 1 and 30 seconds.

Our switches span multiple floors - is this a problem?

No, wire-up supports switches spanning floors.

How long does it take to fully wire-up a workpoint?

This will depend on the size of the network switch. Generally, it will take between 1 seconds and 30 seconds to wire-up a workpoint and walk to the next, on bigger/older switches it is best to allow more time - potentially up to 5 minutes.

Do you have any recommended practice recommendations for switch replacement / re-patching?

Ideally if network cable management is centrally controlled, incorporating a notification into the change process would be ideal. That way SVLive can be kept up to date as the network changes.

Does the corporate IT department need to do wire-up?

No, Real Estate teams often perform their own wire-up as no elevated access to switches is required. The risk to be managed is the communication from IT to Real Estate where wire-up could be impacted by IT changes.

Can Serraview help with the wire-up process?

Serraview have trained auditors who can perform the physical wire-up, or a third-party can perform wire-up after being trained by Serraview.

I have spreadsheet of the connection between each switch and the data ports. Can I import this information?

If you have the mappings from switch ports to desk, sometimes referred to as a patching schedule, then this can be imported. Send the data point import file to Serraview support team via Serraview's File Upload.

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