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Wireup Workpoints Remotely

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Wireup Workpoints Remotely

Serraview's Wireup module allows you to quickly audit locations to connect (or "wire-up") switch ports to their physical locations.

We recommend you use the Remote Wireup Panel when your business has Fixed Teams and your people don't move often.

Complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin Settings > Integrations > Wireup. The Wireup module displays.
  2. Navigate to the building and floor that you are currently auditing.


The Remote Wireup Panel displays the following:

  • Hide wire workpoints toggle - Click the toggle to hide any workpoint that is already wired up.
  • None filter - Click the filter to display all the switches.
  • Dominant Occupant filter - Click the filter to display the dominant occupant.
  • Last Seen filter - Click the filter to display the occupant last seen.

From the filter list, you can drag and drop the switch name onto the workpoint to wire it up.


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