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Serraview Wi-Fi Overview

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Serraview Wi-Fi Overview

This covers the configuration of the Serraview Wi-Fi Location Service. The Wi-Fi extensions for SVLive enable the collection of two-dimensional coordinate location data for users who are on the wireless network. This enables the use of SVLive in a mixed wired/wireless environment or an entirely wireless environment.

Refer to Serraview Serraview Wi-Fi Access Point Recommendations to learn about the strategies and considerations for the configuration of Wi-Fi access points.


The Serraview Managed Location Service (MLS) and Serraview Lightweight Desktop Monitor (LDM) need to be installed and configured.

The minimum required versions to enable the wireless service are:







If you do not meet the minimum required version or do not know what version you have currently installed, Serraview can assist and provide the latest applications. Serraview will perform the MLS upgrade via remote desktop access outside of the business to minimize any impact on the existing network.

Network Changes for SVLive2

The below firewall changes will need to be made to your network to allow the Serraview Wireless solution to operate. The MLS server also needs to trust the WLS server certificate if it does not already. If you currently have LDM communicating to MLS via the wired network, then ensure these connections are also established on the wireless networks.



Destination Port


Workstation WiFi Signal Strength

Serraview LDM

Serraview MLS

tcp/80 or tcp/443 *


Serraview WiFi Triangulation

Serraview MLS



*This will be the same port configured for the existing LDM to MLS communication.

These firewall changes are an extract from the full data flow required for SVLive. The complete requirements can be found in SVLive2 Technical Overview or SVLive1 Technical Overview.

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