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Serraview Wi-Fi Access Point Recommendations

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Serraview Wi-Fi Access Point Recommendations

This section covers strategies and considerations for the configuration of WiFi access points for best results when used in conjunction with the Serraview WiFi Location Service.

To use the solution, the Serraview product requires that:

  • Associated on-premise SVLive components are installed and operational.
  • Access Points have unique BSSID's.

Additionally, the Serraview product requires the following information about each Access Point:

  • Location (plotted on floorplan). Accurate locations will lead to accurate positioning of clients.
  • BSSID.
  • Height (from desk)
  • Transmit Power.

The completeness and accuracy of the above information will greatly impact the precision at which the Serraview WiFi Location Service can estimate the location of client devices.

To ensure reliable and accurate positioning, it is also strongly recommended that the following recommendations be observed where possible:

  • Each potential device location should be able to detect at least 3, preferably 4, access points with signal strength stronger than -80dBm.
  • Use Omnidirectional antennas in Access Points.
  • Place Access Points with location services in mind, not just coverage.
  • Use a fixed and consistent transmit power across Access Points.
  • Avoid co-channel and adjacent-channel interference.
  • Reduce obstacles to the line of sight (LOS) between devices and Access Points.

These recommendations are covered in more detail in Serraview Wi-Fi Considerations.

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