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Serraview Cloud Services

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Serraview Cloud Services

Customer Support and Success

Serraview provides all Clients with Standard Support, that includes:

  • 24/7 Monitoring.
  • Self-service online help, support, and training portal.

An Account Manager who can assist with product upgrades and renewals Premium Support Plans are also available. Premium Support Plans include:

  • Monitoring of automated data feeds.
  • Support management via online ticketing system.
  • Live phone and email support during business hours.
  • SLA around response times.
  • Access to additional environments for dev/test/training.
  • Named Success Manager.

Standard Service Levels


Service Level


Serraview provides a minimum 99% uptime SLA1, with financial penalties for non-performance. Premier Support Plans, providing up to 99.9% uptime SLA1, are also available.

1Excluding planned downtime for system maintenance.


Serraview engineers the Services for performance and targets an average response time of less than two (2) seconds for more than 80% of requests.

Error Correction

If an error (commonly referred to a 'bug') is found in the system, Serraview has processes in place to fix errors based on their severity. The company aims to fix:

  • Level 1 "High Priority" errors that prevent the system from processing time-critical functions within 6 business hours.
  • Level 2 "Medium Priority" errors that affect non-time-critical business processes within 3 business days.
  • Level 3 "Low Priority" errors that affect a non-vital system function where a reasonable work-around is available within 90 business days.

System Upgrades, Maintenance, and Patching

Serraview will prepare and deploy upgrades and application patches to the services as they become available. Upgrades usually don't require any scheduled down-time.

Our Cloud-Ops team will perform regular scheduled maintenance, that may require brief periods of system down-time, outside of Business Hours in order to deploy important system upgrades and security patches. Serraview will notify clients in advance of maintenance that would require the system to become unavailable for more than two (2) minutes during Business Hours.

Customization and Configuration

The Serraview system is engineered for security, scalability, robustness and predictable Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As such, Serraview preferences configuration over code-based customization to allow clients to tailor the way the system works to meet their business needs.

Serraview is committed to continuing to improve the services to meet the ongoing needs of our customer base.

If, and when, a client does require a specific feature that it not available in the product, they have two options:

  1. Wait for the feature to become available on the product roadmap; or
  2. Submit an Enhancement Request to Serraview's Professional Services (APS) group. APS can provide you with a quote to deliver the enhancements to the product in a manner that will meet your requirements and allow Serraview to meet its engineering requirements for security, scalability, robustness and TCO.
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