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Navigate My Workplace

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Navigate My Workplace

The My Workplace is accessed via the left-menu, click Audits > My Workplace.


  • Hover over the icon next to the Workpoint number to display a floorplan and the location of the workpoint.
  • Hover over the icon next to an Occupant's Name to display the person's business contact details.

In My Workplace, the default view for the occupant's column displays the occupant's Cost Center details.


The occupant's Locker details can be displayed instead as follows:

  1. Navigate to Assets > Buildings & Floors.
  2. Click a building.
  3. Click the Edit button.
  4. In the Tags field, add in the Display Lockers tag. 
  5. Click the Update Building button.

All floors in that building now display the occupant's Locker details instead of their Cost Center.


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