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Import Workpoint Occupancy from Excel

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Import Workpoint Occupancy from Excel

As an Administrator, you can update people's locations in bulk by importing an Excel file. This Excel file is available to all other users of the My Workplace. It is automatically generated when they select the export to excel option - once generated, changes can be made within the file and then easily re-imported by administrators only.

  1. Navigate to Validation > My Workplace.

  2. Click the Import from Excel link. The Import from Excel dialog displays. Note: You can export an Excel file to modify, click the Occupant Details link.
  3. Click the Choose File button. The Open dialog displays.
  4. Navigate and select your file.
  5. Click the Next > button. The Review Changes displays.
  6. Review the changes.
  7. Tick the I have reviewed the changes and am happy to commit the results checkbox.
  8. Click the Commit > button. If the import is successful, the Import from Excel - Import Successful dialog displays. Note: The Download Import Results link displays in the dialog.
  9. Click the Close button. The changes are reflected immediately in My Workplace.

If the import is unsuccessful and you are unsure of the reason, please contact your Serraview support person.

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