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Search for Workplace Administrators

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Search for Workplace Administrators

You can search for existing Workplace Administrators to check that they are assigned to the correct location and/or org units.

  1. In the Search field, enter your search criteria. As you type the search results display.
  2. If you want to use the filters, click the Filters image2020-2-27_11-16-8.png icon.


The following filters can be used:

LocationFrom the Location drop-down, search or select a location.
Org UnitFrom the Org Unit drop-down, search or select an org unit.
Last Validated BeforeFrom the Last Validated Before calendar picker select a date.
Where Opportunity is more thanIn the field, enter the opportunity number.
Hasn't logged in Check the Hasn't logged in check box to filter for the Workplace Administrator who has not logged in yet.
Never ValidatedIf you are looking to find which teams have never completed validation then check the Never Validated checkbox which lets you quickly find the teams.

To clear the search, click the X icon and to clear the filters, click the Clear button.

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