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Confirm Team Validation

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Confirm Team Validation

After you have updated all workpoints with an employee name or a Retention Status, you can confirm the validation of your team. This communicates to the Corporate Real Estate team that you have completed your occupancy validation. To validate your team:

  1. Navigate to Workplace
  2. If you have multiple teams, click the My Teams button to only view your teams.
  3. Click on your team name in the left panel.
  4. Update all workpoints in your team with the correct names and retention status.
  5. Click the Validate link next to the team name.


6. Review the team statistics.

7. Optional - In the Comments field, enter a comment.

The validation comment can be viewed in the VBS in the Team form's Validation Tab, refer to Update Team Details.

8. Click the Confirm link to complete validation.


It is crucial that this step is completed for the team(s) you are validating as this action enables the Corporate Real Estate to see that you have finished your validation.

Administrator Comments

If you want to add a comment to a team.

  1. Click on your team name in the left panel.
  2. Select the Team Details. The team details display.
  3. Select the Team Administrator Comments.


4. In the Team Administrator Comments field, enter your comments.

5. Click the Done icon.

The team comment can be viewed in the VBS in the Team form's Overview tab in the Administrator Comments field, refer to Update Team Details.

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