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Floor Map Spaces Overview

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Floor Map Spaces Overview

When you work with spaces there are various space details that can be updated in the Data Drawer.

On the floor map either click on a seat that has no employee seated or a space with a seat. For example:

If you need to select multiple seats, see Select and deselect Seats.

Space with a seated Employee (as a Personal Space Type)

The Data Drawer displays the employee details first and then you can scroll down to the space details. For example, this will include:

  • Title
  • Department - the department is set for the employee in the Employees Import, see Manage Employees.
  • Status
  • Manager
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • External ID
  • Badge
  • Role (in SiQ) - the SiQ Role can be updated, see Assign User Roles and Permissions.
  • Note - you can add notes about the employee.
  • Employee Assets/Needs - if the employee needs particular equipment this can be assigned.
  • Available Neighborhoods - a neighborhood can be assigned, see Manage Neighborhoods.
  • Workplace Groups - a workplace group can be assigned, see Assign Workplace Group or Manage Workplace Group.
  • Floor
  • Remote
  • Building
  • Seat Code
  • Seat Type
  • Area
  • Seat Effective Date
  • Seat Workplace Group
  • Remote/no desk needed - an employee can be assigned as "remote", use the toggle to set this or see, Manage Employees.

Then the space details display with the same fields as the Unassigned Seat below.

Unassigned Seat (as a Personal Space Type)

The Data Drawer displays the space details. For example, a Work Space space type will include:

Space as a Common Space Type

The Data Drawer displays the space details. For example, a Meeting Room space type will include:

  • Department - the space can be allocated to a department. 
  • Space Code - the space codes can be viewed and they are updated in the Floor Map Editor.
  • Space Type - the space type can be updated, see Update Space Type.
  • Neighborhood - the Common spaces can not be allocated to a neighborhood.
  • Calendar - if the meeting room is integrated with a calendar then you can book the meeting room.
  • Area - the area of the space can be updated.
  • Capacity - the space's capacity can be updated with the number of seats.
  • Label - the label can be updated, for example, this is the name of the meeting room, see Update Space Labels.
  • Note - you can add notes about the space.
  • Space Assets - the space assets can be updated, see Update Assets to Spaces and Meeting Rooms.
  • Workplace Group - the workplace group can be updated, see Assign or unassign Workplace Groups and Manage Workplace Groups.
  • Sensors - if the space is integrated with sensors this displays the sensor.
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