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Cancel your Desk Booking as an Admin

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Cancel your Desk Booking as an Admin


There are a couple of ways you can cancel your hotel booking:

When you cancel your desk booking from the Floor Map, your Admin experience will be different from an Employee.

Cancel from the Floor Map

As an Admin you may need to cancel a hotel booking and this can be useful when a desk requires maintenance.

Navigate to and select the hoteling desk. Click the calendar date and this will display the bookings. Click X icon to cancel. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to cancel the booking, click the Yes button.


Cancel from the My Bookings

Click on your Profile Name [1] in the top right corner, then click My Bookings [2]. The small number to the upper right of your name indicates the number of hotel desk reservations you currently have.


The screen that appears will enable you to cancel any of your hotel reservations. For the booking you want to cancel, click on the X icon [1].


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