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Restrict Space Type Availability

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Restrict Space Type Availability

SiQ gives you the ability to limit what space types are available in your SiQ system. For example, you can allow all default space types to be used on floor maps but exclude Bench Desks and Cubicles.

That the Custom Space Types can not be hidden, if you are no longer using a custom space type then you will need to delete it.

Follow these instructions to restrict space type availability in Space Types settings:

Navigate to Settings, and select Company Customizations. Then, in the Space Types section, click Read More.\


Review the list of space types. You can hide default space types and delete custom space types.

However, space types that are already in use cannot be hidden or deleted from SiQ.


Select the name of a default space type, which will be labeled as Default


Click the Hide option on the upper right. 


The default space type will be hidden on Space Type drop-downs in the Data Drawer.


If you want to show a space type again, return to Space Types settings, select a name, and click Show

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