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Onboarding Checklist Overview

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Onboarding Checklist Overview

Onboarding Prerequisite Decisions

Use the prerequisites list to ensure you have made decisions on the following areas before you commence the onboarding. 


Use the checklist below to get your business up and running on SiQ.

#1 - Integrations

SiQ Integrations has a collection of pre-build integration applications, which make it easy to manage single sign-on, provision HR, and sync data across your corporate apps and systems into SiQ system. 

See #1 - Integrations 

#2 - Buildings, Floors, and Floorplans

Set up your buildings, floors, and floorplans.

See #2 - Buildings, Floors, and Floorplans

#3 - Branding

Your branding and unit measurement can be quickly set up. 

See #3 - Branding

#4 - Set up Floor Maps

After your floorplans have been uploaded, you now can set up the floor maps. You will need to set up the Space icons, Pins, Text, or Devices.

See #4 - Set up Floor Maps

#5 Set up Seating Charts

Using SiQ you can quickly set up seating charts to suit your business.

See #5 - Set up Seating Charts

#6 - Set Up Hoteling Desks

Empower your employees to return to work as safe and confident as possible. The SiQ Mobile App can provide your employees with everything they need. Easily locate and book available desks or space and even book near a coworker.

See #6 - Set up Hoteling Desks

#7 - Set up Meeting Rooms

If you want your employees to be able to book a meeting room you must have a Calendar Integration set up and then your Administrator can complete the set up the meeting rooms on the Floor Map.

 See #7 - Set up Meeting Rooms

Additional Integrations and Configurations

If you want to complete the additional integrations and/or configuration, see:

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