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#2 - Buildings, Floors, and Floorplans

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#2 - Buildings, Floors, and Floorplans

Initial Setup of Buildings and Floors

Depending on the number of buildings and floors you have, it may be quicker to add them using a bulk import.

Step 1. Set up the Import Files

You will need to set up your Buildings and Floors and the data requirements, examples, and import templates are found in:

  1. Set up the Buildings Import, using the template found in Requirements for Building Data
  2. Set up the Floor Import, using the template found in Requirements for Floor Data

Step 2. Upload the Import Files

Now, you can complete the imports:

  1. First, upload the Buildings, see Add Buildings via the Building Import
  2. Second, upload the Floors, see Add Floors via the Floor Import

If you have a small number then you can add them manually, see Manage Buildings and Floors.

Initial Setup of Floorplans

SpaceIQ (SiQ) provides customers with the ability to upload floorplans into the product during and after onboarding.

Step 1. Complete the Floorplan Preparation

The floorplan will be published as a PNG image that will be uploaded into SiQ. The Floorplan Preparation article details what preparation needs to be completed on the source file:

  • .DWG
  • .PDF
  • .PNG

If you are using Blocks to set up furniture blocks then see the Floorplan Preparation article for how to set up the .DWG Source File and Blocks Preparation.

Step 2. Upload your Floorplan

Now your floorplan is ready to be uploaded and you have a choice for how you load the floorplan either:

  • Manually Upload - manually upload the floorplan image as a PNG, see Add a Floorplan.
  • SiQ AutoCAD Plugin to Upload - if you are using Blocks then you will upload a floorplan using the SiQ AutoCAD Plugin, see SiQ AutoCAD Plugin

Remember - Buildings and Floors can be Hidden or Shown in SiQ

Depending on your requirements, you can quickly set up which buildings and floors are displayed in SiQ. If you want a floor hidden this can be complete in Manage a Floor.

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