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2020 February Product Release

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2020 February Product Release

Hoteling Desk Displays

Watch this video to see all hoteling displays, push notifications, and meeting calendars in action:

Learn more about new hoteling features:

Hoteling Desk Status Displays

New “electronic ink” (e-ink) hardware displays now show the current status of every hotel desk in your organization. This cutting edge hoteling enhancement brings greater transparency to every e-ink equipped hotel desk to improve employee accessibility and utilization:

  • Displays integrate with SiQ hoteling features
  • Readers update hotel desk status in real time
  • Details current and upcoming hotel events at a glance
  • Identifies current or next employee at desk
  • Shows space ID and company name
  • Dedicated single display per desk
  • Offers several mounting options
  • Connects wirelessly


Hotel QR Code Check In Option

Every hotel desk equipped with an e-ink display requires employees to check in with a QR code to ensure they’re at their reserved hotel desk:

  • Easier check-in process
  • Automatic email check-in confirmation
  • Automatically identify employee who is checking in
  • Reduce hoteling misuse and underuse
  • All autorelease options still available


Push Notifications for Hoteling

Now you can turn on SiQ mobile app push notifications so you never miss a hotel desk reservation:

  • 24-hour booking reminder
  • Check-in time
  • Auto release event
  • Access reservation screen directly from notification


Meeting Room Calendar Invites

Never miss a meeting room reservation again with our new calendar invitation feature:

  • Add calendar events for meeting rooms
  • Compatible with Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar
  • Remember meeting room reservations
  • Leverage other calendar notification methods


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