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Integration Management Overview

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Integration Management Overview


SiQ Integrations has a collection of pre-build integration applications, which make it easy to manage single sign-on, provision HR, and sync data across your corporate apps and systems into SiQ.

Navigate to Integrations

From the SiQ Web App, complete the following to navigate to the Integrations area:

  1. Click your Profile Name in the top right corner.
  2. Click Settings. The Settings screen displays.
  3. From the left menu, click Integrations.
  4. From the Third Party Integrations area, click the READ MORE link.

The Integrations screen displays the active and the available integrations.


You can either search for the third party integration in the Search field or navigate to the integration.

Create Integration

For details on how to create an integration, see the articles below.

You can activate a number of integration applications of the same type.

Desk Display

  • SES Imagotag - Not in use


Collaborate seamlessly to keep the workplace running efficiently. Our messaging integrations make it easy to keep everyone in the workplace informed and on-task.

  • Losant - Not in use
  • Slack

Meeting Rooms

Integrate with the Calendars so your employees can make meeting room bookings.

Calendar Integrations Overview

Employee Import

Your people are the heart of your business. When it comes to scheduling, budgeting, and workplace planning, they are the most important factor of all. Our software integrates employee data so SiQ remains updated with your employees' on-boarding and off-boarding from your business.

  • SFTP Employee Import - SiQ supports a number of integration options to automate the data import process and enable employee access to SiQ features. One common method used to import employee data is SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). The process allows you to connect to a SiQ-hosted SFTP server and save a file containing relevant information. SiQ will automatically pick up the file and load it into your system.
  • Namely - With Namely you can automatically upload information from the Namely HR platform into SiQ on a recurring basis.
  • PeopleHR - Enable the upload of employee data from People HR system.
  • Employee Photo Import using Google Drive

Sensor, Wi-Fi, and Badge Systems

We collect data from workplace sensors, wi-fi, or badge systems and these are fed into SiQ. For an overview of the systems, see Sensor, Wi-Fi, or Badge Systems.

General Integrations

Provisioning & SSO

User Provisioning is an identity management process that ensures user accounts are created, given proper permissions, changed, disabled, and deleted. This can be completed in SiQ via:

  • SCIM (System for Cross-domain Identity) is is an open standard that allows for the automation of user management. Note that SCIM provisioning requires the use of SAML SSO.
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) allows a user to log in once to their network and thereby gain access to several network-connected programs, eliminating the need to log into each system individually.

Learn more about the SCIM and SSO, see User Provisioning Overview and Options.

The following is an overview of these systems.

Integration SSO (SAML) SCIM
Amazon aws Yes No
Microsoft ADFS Yes No

Microsoft Azure  and Azure Custom Attributes Mapping

Yes Yes
Custom SAML & SCIM Yes Yes
Google Yes Yes

Okta and Okta Custom Attributes Mapping

Yes Yes
OneLogin Yes Yes
Oracle IDCS Yes No
PingOne Yes  No

Employee Export

Enable SFTP to export employees


Set up the integrations to the Ticketing systems or allow your employees to submit tickets directly from SiQ's employee app.

Delete Integration

To deactivate or delete an integration instance, you must select the integration and then click the Delete delete_icon.png icon on the right top corner.

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