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2023 January Product Release

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2023 January Product Release

Product Release information for January 2023

SiQ is evolving! We hope you enjoy the added functionality and value of these recent updates.

January updates:

Released on Jan 23rd, 2023

Updates and Changes

Floor-Specific Business Hours

  • Admin users can now set business-specific hours for specific floors and locations. This allows for specific location hours to be set for other locations.

SiQ Regular Business and Location Hours Final.jpg


When hours are set for a specific location, the time set for that specific location will override the established business hours.

When a desk is booked for a full day at a location that has established specific business hours, the business hours of that location will be used.

When a hotel desk is booked for an hourly booking, the desk's location's business hours will be used.

The Set up Regular Business Hours page provides directions on how to set specific floor and location hours.


Completed bookings now listing in the My Bookings screen

  • Users will now see current, completed, or past bookings in their My Bookings listing.

SiQ My Bookings Result Window Past_Bookings_wContent.jpg

Learn more about viewing completed or past bookings on the View your upcoming desk bookings page.

Canceled bookings now available on the Desk booking report

  • Admins can now view Cancelled bookings on the Desk booking report.

SiQ Desk Bookings Booked For RedBox_OnlyCancelled.jpg

Additional Metrics and Filters now available for Desk Booking Reports

  • A new quick filter showing desks that were “Booked for” someone else is available on the top row.

SiQ Desk Bookings Booked For.jpg

  • Clicking on the “+ Add” will bring up the ability to search for specific element-related stats.

Siq Desk Bookings Booked For zoomin.jpg


The “Desks Booked” percentage is based on the bookable desk count available when the report is generated.

Tooltips are available by placing the cursor over the numbers on the headers of the Desk Booking report.

SiQ Desk Bookings ToolTips_DeskBookings.jpg


Learn more about these new reporting abilities on the Desk Bookings Report page.

Notifications of canceling bookings can be adjusted

  • Currently, employees will not receive a Cancelled Desk Booking Confirmation email. If your company wants employees to receive these emails, the Admin can enable it.

SiQ Email Notifications close up default options.jpg

Learn more about how to Disable your company's Email Notifications.


Other Fixes and Improvements

  • General usability improvements and bug fixes to keep things running smoothly

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