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Using the Teem Microsoft Office365 Add-in (Web)

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Using the Teem Microsoft Office365 Add-in (Web)

Learn how to use the Teem Outlook Add-in when booking from a web browser.

Use the Teem Outlook Add-in to help you find the perfect room for your meetings by filtering rooms by availability, location, capacity, and amenities. Once the add-in been pushed out to you by your Teem administrator, it will exist at the top of your Office 365 toolbox when you create an event. If it hasn’t been automatically pushed out, you can manually add it on your own with the following steps.

Launch and Set Defaults

The default location you select will be the first location to populate when searching for rooms. 

  1. Start at your Outlook Office 365 calendar and create a new event.
  2. Click the Teem icon in your toolbar to launch the add-in.
  3. The add-in will appear on the right-hand side of the pane. Sign in using your Teem credentials
  4. Once logged in, set your Default Location. These are the Buildings, Floors, and Rooms you most commonly use. Our add-in filters the search results to these spaces by default, but you’ll have the option to expand your search beyond the default location.

Office365 Launch and Defaults.gif

Book a Room

After you have launched the Add-in and set My Office, you’re ready to book a room for your meetings.

  1. Access your Outlook Office 365 calendar and create a new event.
  2. Launch the Teem Outlook Office 365 Add-in by clicking the Teem icon in the toolbar.
  3. Teem will display the available resources for the time frame specified in the appointment window
  4. Select the resource that meets your meeting needs, then click Add to Event, and the space name will be populated in the location field of your meeting creation screen.
  5. If you’d like to utilize additional filters to find spaces that better fit your needs, you can click the filter icon near the top of the pane. This will allow you to adjust your default location (My Office), add a room capacity filter, and also sort by room amenities like an Apple TV or a projector.

Book Space with Filter.gif

Add a Meeting Service with the Outlook Add-in for Office 365

Meeting Services allow you to request services for your meeting when using the add-in to book a room and include things like catering or a specific tech setup. Admins can also add custom categories for unique service requests that your organization would like to support. The following steps show how to use Meeting Services when booking a meeting with the Teem Outlook Office 365 Add-in.

  1. Access your Outlook Office 365 calendar and create a new event.
  2. Launch the Teem Outlook Office 365 Add-in by clicking the Teem icon in the toolbar
  3. Add attendees to your meeting as you normally would.
  4. When adding a space to your event, simply double-click on the space to view room information. At the bottom of the card, you’ll see Meeting Services and the option to add a Meeting Service by clicking the plus sign.
  5. You will then be prompted to fill out any extra information about the service you need.
  6. Select Add to Event to add the Meeting Service.

Note: An admin can restrict Meeting Services by location, so not every service may be available for the space you select.

Invite and Pre-register a Visitors to an Event

  1. Select the Visitors tab.
  2. Select which event participants are visitors by checking the box next to their name. Then click next. 

Note: You need to add people to the meeting for them to show as event participants.

  1. Fill in their visitor information.
  2. If you’d like to send them an email invitation with everything they need for the upcoming event, then check the Send Email Invitation box. You can add a custom note to the invitation if desired.
  3. Click done.

Note: The email invitation that your visitors receive will look like this.


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