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Room Display

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Room Display

Room Displays provides your employees with a real-time view of meetings booked for specific spaces. Your employees will find the Room Displays outside meeting rooms on a physical device such as an iPad, Andriod tablet, or Creston device and they will have our EventBoard app running on the device.

The EventBoard app set up on your devices will allow employees to view upcoming meetings booked in that space, book the space, and check-in to the meeting room. Discover how to use the app in your organization, see Using Room Displays.

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  • EventBoard is compatible with Android, iPad, and Creston devices. For more information on compatible devices, see Supported Devices for EventBoard and review our Teem Wi-Fi recommendations to optimize your workplace experience - specifically for iOS devices running EventBoard, see Teem Wi-Fi Recommendations
  • Teem Admin contains the settings for EventBoard, head over to Room Display Admin to learn about the settings.

Use the following links and tabs below to learn more about the functions available.

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