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Using Room Displays

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Using Room Displays

Room Displays will enhance your workplace experience. Your employees will find the Room Displays just outside their meeting rooms.

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From the display, you can see if a room is available or in use, book meetings, and much more. Here’s a quick walkthrough that will cover the following: 

  • Check-in
  • End Event Early
  • Work Requests
  • Room Information
  • Room Status
  • See Upcoming Meetings
  • Book from the Display
  • Maps

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Learn about Room Displays

Room Status

Easily see when a room is open or in use and avoid meeting collisions and interruptions. 


See Upcoming Meetings

See upcoming meetings to know if you’re in the right spot for your next meeting or if the room will be available soon.


Book from the Display

In addition to booking rooms in advance with the Teem calendar plugins, you can book a room right from the display. This makes collaborating on the fly easily. Here’s how to do it.

1. Tap the Reserve button.


2.    Then select the meeting duration. Teem will only allow you to book what's available. If the room is not available during the time period you havve selected, Teem will show there's a scheduling conflict.
3.    Here, you can also select a different room and date for your meeting. And if you would like, you can change the name of your meeting.
4.    After selecting an available time slot, tap the Reserve button to confirm your reservation, and the room is reserved.



It’s important to note that the Teem Maps feature is for select licenses only, so this may or may not apply to you. 

In map view, quickly see which rooms are available and where so you don’t have to walk from room to room to find an open space. From the map you can also view different floors and buildings, and then book an available space anywhere, right from the display. Follow these steps to do so.

1. Tap the Map button. A map view of your floor will be on display. Keep in mind that you can see different Campuses, Buildings, and Floors all from this view.


2.    Then tap on a room you’d like to reserve. Its Room Information will appear.

3.    Tap Book This Room.

4.    Next, select the meeting duration. Teem will only allow you to book what’s available. If the room isn’t available during the time period you’ve selected, Teem will show there’s a scheduling conflict.

5.    Here, you can change the name of your meeting. This is also where you can select a room, date, and time to reserve a meeting in advance.

6.    Tap the Reserve button to confirm your reservation after selecting an available time slot, and the room is reserved.



If the Check-in feature has been turned on by your Teem Admin, a Check-in button will live on the home screen. Tap the Check-in button on the room display to keep your room reservation and let others know the room is being used as intended. 

If a room isn’t checked into after a set amount of time and Check-in is turned on by your Teem Admin, the room reservation is canceled and removed from the calendar so that others can use the space.


End Event Early

Press the displays End Event button to end a scheduled or ad hoc event. This will change the status of the room from busy to available so that others can book the space. 


Room Information

Report an issue in your meeting room or huddle space by submitting a work request to your IT department. Here’s how.

1.    Select Menu.
2.    Then select Report an Issue.
3.    Select what the issue type is.
4.    Describe the issue.
5.    Tap Submit Issue when you are done, and your IT team will be notified.
6.    A Report Submitted a confirmation screen displays.


Work Requests

Learn more about a room’s capacity, amenities, and more by viewing Room Information.

1.    Select Menu.
2.    Then select Room Information.


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