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Download and Sign in to the Teem Mobile App

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Download and Sign in to the Teem Mobile App

Teem makes it easy to use the mobile app. Follow the instructions below to begin using the app.

Make sure you check your device's operating environment and the Teem Mobile App supports:

  • iOS - Version 12 and newer
  • Android - Version 12 and newer


Make sure on your device that Bluetooth and Location Services are enabled to allow you to check into meetings without needing to open the app. 

  • iOS - Go to your phone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Teem > Always.
  • Android - Go to your phone Settings > Location > App Permissions. Under ”Allowed all the time" and “Allowed only while in use,” make sure Teem location is allowed.

Step 1. Download

Download the Teem Mobile app called Teem - Collaborate & Connect on your Android or iOS device, see  Download Teem Apps on iOS and Android.

Step 2. Sign In

Open the Teem - Collaborate & Connect app.


Tap the Sign in to Teem button.

The Sign into your account screen display.


Most organizations sync user logins between their email system and Teem. If your organization is synced, select the appropriate login options and follow the instructions.

  • Office 365
  • Google
  • Company SSO
    • Company SSO option must be used if your company uses SSO.


  • If your company does not have managed user syncing, then enter your company email address and password and then tap the SIGN IN button.


Next Steps

Now you are ready to set your Default Location and your Notification and Privacy Settings and to book a Desk or a Space.

In order to book spaces, you must add a calendar associated with your workspace to your device. If you don't link a calendar on your device, will not be able to view your daily agenda or reserve any spaces and without a calendar, you will still be able to:

  • Check-in via notification and meeting cards
  • View of your company's office map and list of spaces
  • Filter based on availability, amenities, capacity, and location

Learn more in Link your Calendar.

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