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Customize Room and Desk Amenities - January 2022

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Customize Room and Desk Amenities - January 2022

Teem Admins with room or desk licenses are now able to customize the list of amenities available for rooms and desks. This change helps admins curate the list of amenities so only relevant and impactful items are shown. Users booking through any of Teem's surfaces such as Mobile, Calendar Plug-in, or Web App can use these Custom Amenities in their search filters so they can find the space that best suits their needs.

Space Amenities are a powerful way to create the digital twin of a space and make it easy for employees to find the space that best suits their needs. A user coming into the office for a white-boarding session would need a conference room with a whiteboard, and perhaps also a TV and Camera to include their remote collaborators. As an admin, you can add Whiteboard and Hybrid AV as amenities to a conference room. The organizer would be able to filter for those amenities and quickly find the conference rooms with the right equipment. Simple as that!

Customers with Professional or Enterprise packages will be able to create and edit their list of custom amenities. Basic package customers will still be able to add Default Amenities to rooms.

Features included in this release:

  • Create Custom Amenities for rooms and desks
  • Apply Custom Amenities to Space Profiles
  • Remove unused or irrelevant items from Amenities list
  • Edit and customize exisiting Amenities already assigned to Spaces or Space Profiles
  • Enable employees to filter by custom amenities on any booking surface without changing workflow

Custom Amenities Creation.gif

Book Amenity GIF iphone.gif

Note: We are rolling out custom amenities to customers over the next few weeks. Admins may notice the changes to Amenity lists as their account is updated. Amenities that are currently assigned to any room or desk will be preserved, but unused amenities (not assigned to any space) will be removed from your list. You can easily add back a relevant amenity if you need it or create more customized new ones and assign them to existing spaces or space profiles.

This enhancement to space amenities makes it easier for admins to customize the spaces in their office by listing the relevant equipment and properties. Employees will also be able to easily find the spaces that have the equipment they need to enable their most productive days in the office. If you are a customer on Teem's basic package and are interested upgrading to activate this feature, contact your Account Manager. If you have any questions, please call 713-526-1029 or send an email to


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