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Amenities for Rooms and Desks

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Amenities for Rooms and Desks

This article will walk you through how to attach resources to spaces.

When you attach amenities (such as, Apple TV, ChromeCast, White Board, TV, etc) that are available in a physical room to that space (such as a room or a desk) in your admin dashboard, that information can then be used for Work Requests, filtering rooms by resources in Booking and Teem, and in Insights. This article will walk you through how to attach resources to spaces.

How to Attach Amenities to Your Spaces

Navigate to your Teem admin dashboard, click on Locations, select your correct Location and search for the Space needing amenities. This can be a Teem room or a Desk space. 

You will see a button that says Add Amenities under the Amenities section or you can click the Details button.


Scroll down to the Amenities box. If you click on the Search Amenities box, a drop-down will appear. You can either type to search for the items available in the room or you can scroll through the list in the drop-down that has appeared.


Select as many resources that apply from the list. When you are done making your selections make sure you click 'Save Changes'.

Note: The resources field is not open text, as standardized resource names are much more useful for end-users filtering by resources, and for admin users’ reporting. 

Amenities in Booking and Teem


You can see amenities for rooms and desks in the Teem mobile app. You can also filter Rooms and Desks by amenities in Booking. Simply enter in your search the amenities needed for your meeting and rooms with these amenities will appear.

Amenities and Work Requests

Work requests can be submitted using amenities on your EventBoard room display. Simply find the item you are having issues with from your display and enter in the information about what went wrong. Follow this to learn how to submit a work request.

Amenities and Insights

In our Insight reports, you can see what amenities are most problematic, most trafficked, etc. This article can help you understand Insights a little more.

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