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Move Module & Service Request Linked

Last updated: Thu, 14 May 2020 20:37:18 GMT
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Move Module & Service Request Linked

The Move module is now integrated with the Service Request module. This enhancement allows for service request tickets to be linked to a specific move request, making it easy to keep track of both requests.

  • Link service request tickets to a move request. To link a service request to a move request, click Link Ticket on the move request screen. Type the service request number, and click Save Link. The ticket will then be linked to the specific move request. Repeat this process until all service request tickets related to the move request are linked. 




  • Viewing service request ticket from the Move Request screen. Service request tickets linked to a Move Request can be viewed in the Service Request ticket section of the Move Request screen. To view the service request ticket, click the Expand button.png (Expand) button in the Service Requests section of the Move Request. The open service request tickets will display in this section. Once a service request ticket is complete and archived, the service request ticket will show in the Archived Request tab of the Service Requests section. Click the plus button to expand each section of the Move Request, and click the Collapse button.png (Collapse) button to collapse.




  • Unlink service request tickets from a Move Request. To unlink a service request click the Unlink button located within the Service Requests section of the Move Request. Both service request items and archived service request tickets can be unlinked. Click Yes on the "Are you sure you want to unlink this service request?" message window to unlink the selected service request ticket.



  • Search within the Move Request for specific service request tickets. Easily search for a specific service request ticket that is linked to a move request by using the search bar in the Service Request section of the Move Request screen. Click the search bar drop-down, select the field which you would like to search, and type the key search term you would like to search. The search bar searches all service request tickets that are linked to the move request, allowing you to quickly locate any service request ticket linked to the move request.



With this new integration, managing and tracking move request activities is easier than ever before. If you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact our customer support by calling 1-800-505-0224 or send an email to

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