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iOFFICE User Interface Improvements - 2023 March

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iOFFICE User Interface Improvements - 2023 March

Released March 8th

iOFFICE Home Page and Navigation Improvements

We have refreshed the iOFFICE Home Page and navigation to display the modules organized in alphabetical order.


iOFFICE User Interface Improvements

We have updated the iOFFICE user interface with a new font to improve the user experience and readability. The following modules and their administration areas have been updated:

  • Space module and note this doesn't include Space-Right
  • Move
  • Reservations
  • Visitor
  • Service Request
  • Asset
  • Mail 

The next modules receive the user interface improvements are Copy, Copy Administration, and Directory.


Also, you will notice that the primary button color has changed to improve the user experience across the site.


Our documentation team will be changing the Knowledge Center screenshots from March 8th to March 24th.

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