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Categories allow administrators to create specific groups. You can then create and assign specific items to these categories, and specify the depth. As an example, you can create different groupings for projects, cost centers, or whatever you need to track for a user. 


Note: Cost Centers have been renamed as Categories. Sub-sections of categories are now called Items. Only experienced personnel should make changes, especially when deleting category information.


If you are new to working with categories, refer to Categories - Screen Overviews to review the screens used to add, edit, and view your category structure. Once you are familiar with the Category screen, you can refer to the following links to create and manage your categories:


  • Defining Categories: Click this link for more information on adding, editing, or removing categories from your group structure.

  • Defining Category Depths: Click this link for more information on defining depths within a category, including how to add a new depth, modify an existing depth, or remove a depth from your category.

  • Defining Category Items: Click this link for more information on adding, modifying, or removing items within your category structure.

For more information on defining settings for categories used in the Space module, refer to the Related Topics section below.

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