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Defining Categories

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:09 GMT
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Defining Categories

Before you can create the depths and items used to form the hierarchy of your category structure, you need to create the parent category. Items can then be maintained at any depth, or level, within your structure.


Note: For information on the screens used to navigate and maintain your categories, click here. 


Use the following procedures to add a new category, edit a category, or remove a category:

Adding a New Category

  1. Access the Category Search screen by selecting Admin → Space → Categories.

  2. On this screen, click the Create Category button. The New Category Info section displays.

    Create Category button.gif

  3. Enter the name of the category in the Name field.

  4. (Optional) Enter the code for the category in the Code field.

  5. (Optional) Select a color for the category using the Color Selection window.

    Create a New category.gif

  6. Click the Create button to add the new category. The category is added, and you can define depths and items for the category as needed. 

Editing an Existing Category

Once a category has been added, you can easily update the name, code or color associated with the category on the top level of the Category screen. To edit an existing category, locate and select the category on the Categories Search screen. The Category screen displays. Update the necessary fields in the Category Info section and click the Save button. 

Removing a Category

Sometimes it's necessary to completely remove outdated or unnecessary categories. To remove a category, locate and select the category on the Categories Search screen. On the Category screen that displays, click the Remove Category button. A message window displays, allowing you to confirm the deletion. In addition, if users or rooms are associated with the category, this window lists a reminder that you should manually reassign users and rooms prior to removing the category.

Remove a category.gif

To continue with the removal, click Remove on the message window; otherwise, click Cancel to return to the Category screen without removing the category. 

Warning: Children located within the category, and any corresponding users or rooms, are not automatically reassigned when a category is deleted. It is recommended that you manually reassign the necessary items prior to deleting a category, as this action cannot be undone. 

For more information on defining settings for categories used in the Space module, refer to the related topic section below.


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