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User Maintenance

Last updated: Fri, 12 May 2017 20:34:41 GMT
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User Maintenance

User maintenance allows you to perform a variety of functions to your user account, including setting user permissions, adding / removing fields for specific user types, and dragging/dropping images to be used for user avatars. The main window for this section is the Users screen.



Figure: Users screen


The Users screen contains several buttons you can use. They are defined in the table below.

Button Description

User Types

Allows you to perform the following for user types:

  • Add

  • Edit

  • Remove

User Fields

Allows you to edit the available user fields. The following buttons are available on the User Fields screen: 

  • Edit

  • Cancel

  • Save

Add a User

Allows you to add a user


Using this screen, you can perform the following functions:

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