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Adding a New User

Last updated: Wed, 09 Jan 2019 21:27:17 GMT
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Adding a New User

The Adding a User screen contains four major sections that need to be completed prior to completing the Add a User process:

  • User Information

  • Location Information

  • Additional Information

  • Permissions

  • Adding a New User


Figure: Add a User Screen

User Information

The User Information section contains all of the basic information about the user:



First Name

Requires you enter the first name of the new user.

Last Name

Requires that you enter the last name of the new user.


Requires that you enter an email address for the new user.


Requires that you enter a username for the new user. 


Note: Fields with an asterisk (asteriskusermaint.png) are required before a new user can be added. 

Location Information

The Location Information section contains all of the location information about the user. 




Allow you to toggle whether the user is located in a specific space, or whether they work remotely.


Note: If the Remote? field is activated, the Space field no longer displays and Yes displays in the Remote? field.


Allows you to select a specific space for the user. 

Note: If the user is assigned to an inactive or unoccupiable space, the clipboard_e7ef7b88d6c876f2704884588c47767e0.png(Incorrect Assignment) icon displays to the right of the Space field to alert you to the incorrect assignment. (see image below)  

Location Information.png


The Categories section allows you to add users to specific categories.

Field Description

Additional Information

The Additional Information section of the User Maintenance screen allows you to enter additional information about a new user:



User Type

Allows you to select the type for your new user.


Note: The User Type is created


Allows you to enter the Company of the new user.


Allows you to enter the Department of the new user. 


The Permissions section of the User Maintenance screen allows you to toggle whether or not the user is a system administrator and select which Centers they have access. Additionally, you may specify what role a user has within a particular center (customer, operator, administrator, etc.). 


Figure: Add a User - Permissions (Admin)


If a user is selected as an administrator, they will automatically have access to all Centers (no need to select).



Figure: Add a User - Permissions (Admin)

Adding a New User

In order to add a user, perform the following steps:


From the User Maintenance screen, click the Add a User (addauserbutton.png) button. The Add a User screen opens.


Optional Step:

You may drag and drop an image onto the dark-blue circle located in the upper-left of the Add a User screen. This image is then used as the user's avatar. 


Note: If you do not add an image during the user creation, you may always edit a user, and add it at this time.  


Figure: Add Image Sample


User Information Section

  1. Under the User Information section, enter the appropriate information in the following fields

  •  First Name

  •  Last Name

  •  Email

  •  Username


Note: Any field name that contains a * means that this is a required field. 


Location Information Section

  1. Under the Location Information section, select whether or not the employee is remote. If not remote, enter the room number of the employee.The Floor and Building should auto-populate.


Note: The Room field will perform a LiveSearch for any information you type. As an example, if you enter 121, a drop-down will populate with all of the potential rooms that might fit your Room search criteria. 


  1. Enter the appropriate Mail Stop in the drop-down field for the new user. 


Categories Section

You can add specific categories to a user by clicking the Browse button and selecting the appropriate categories. If you want to remove an added category, simply click the Clear button. 

Figure: Categories Selection


Additional Information Section

  1. Under the Additional Information section, enter the User Type from the drop-down field.

  1. Enter the company of the user in the Company field. 

  1. Enter the department of the user in the Department field. 


Permissions Section

  1. Under the Permissions section, toggle whether or not a user is a site administrator. If not a site administrator, you should select each of the Centers that the user would need access, as well as their specific roles (e.g. manager, operator, customer). 

  1. Click the Create button. Your new user has been created.



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