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Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:31 GMT
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You can add and view master agreements, contracts, and addenda in the Agreements menu. The initial Master Agreement should be included with the initial site configuration. To access the Agreements function, click the Agreements tab from the Asset Admin Menu tool bar. If the Agreements tab does not appear, click the Add Icon.png icon and the tabs will scroll, showing more options. Alternatively, click the Agreements section of the Asset Admin Menu desktop.


The Asset Agreements page has three tabs: Agreements, Types, and Fields.

Agreements Tab

All existing contacts and addenda are displayed.

  1. Use Quick Search to locate specific agreements. Save frequently performed searches by clicking the Edit Searches tab.

  2. Most lists will exceed a single page. Use the More buttons to see more agreements.

  3. To view or edit an agreement, click the Edit button. To remove an agreement, click the Remove button. This cannot be undone.

  4. To add a new agreement, click the Add Icon.png icon.

  5. Click Save to save information and exit. Click Cancel to exit without saving.

Figure: Agreements Tab


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