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Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:40 GMT
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Allows you to customize various aspects of end users’ interactions with iOffice. To access the Preferences function, click the Preferences tab from the Asset Admin Menu tool bar. If the Preferences tab does not appear, click the Add Icon.png icon and the tabs will scroll, showing more options. Alternatively, click the Preferences section of the Asset Admin Menu desktop. 


The Asset Preferences page opens. 

1.     Enable preferences by clicking the check box next to them. 

2.     Click the Apply button to save changes or Reset to restore all default settings. 


Asset Preferences Overview.png

Figure Asset Preferences Overview


The following table provides additional information on the available options. 



Meter Read Collection by Contact Types

This checkbox allows a contact person to collect meter reads for the assets assigned to them.

Monthly Labor Cost Tracking

This checkbox allows you to enable/disable monthly labor costs tracking.

Monthly Labor Costs

This field lists the Monthly Labor Costs.

Note: Once you complete making your selections, click the Apply button. If you prefer to reset your selections to default, click the Reset button. 



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