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Adding Assets - Information Tab

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:47 GMT
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Adding Assets - Information Tab

Under the Information tab, enter required information.

  1. Under the General section, select the equipment type, vendor, center name, and model. 

  2. If the drop-down menu does not show the model you need, click the Add Model button. Detailed instructions are below.

  3. To add an asset directly from, click the Add from Amazon button. Detailed instructions are in the Add from Amazon section above. 

  4. Enter the location information, including building, floor, and room number. You can choose to assign the asset to a specific room or to a specific person (“owner”).

  5. Enter additional details such as ID number, host name, install date, and IP address (if applicable).  The fields in this section differ depending on what asset type you chose.

  6. If the asset has a meter (copier, printer, etc.), click the Managed Asset box to ensure the iOffice Portal can communicate about this asset with mobile meter collection devices

  7. Click Save to save any changes. Click Cancel to exit without saving changes.


Figure: Edit Asset Screen - Information Tab



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