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Editing Meter Reads

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:53 GMT
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Editing Meter Reads



Sometimes you need to add to or edit a previous meter reading. You can perform this two separate ways:

  • Edit meter reads by batch, based on meter read entry date.

  • Edit meter reads for a specific machine listed in the Inventory section. 


Editing Meter Reads by Batch

  1. Click edit meter readings in the Actions column of the Meter Read screen.

Figure: Editing Meter Reads


  1. Previous entries are arranged by date. Click edit to edit an entry. The Edit Meter Readings page opens. Make changes as necessary.

Figure: Editing Meter Reads by Batch


Change meter readings to the right of the appropriate asset. The data entry format has changed. Instead of separate columns for each meter type (Copy BW, Copy Color, etc.) the different meter types are now in consecutive rows. 


  1. To edit the date, enter a new date in the Reading Date column in MM/DD/YYYY format. The calendar icon does not change the date for individual meter readings.

  2. Click Submit to save changes and exit. To clear entries without saving, click Cancel.

Figure: Editing the Meter Reading and Date


Editing an Individual Asset’s Meter Reads

There are two ways to edit an individual asset’s meter reads:

  1. Click the Meters link from the Asset Inventory Items page. 

Figure: Individual Meter Asset Meter Reads


  1. Click the Meters tab when editing an asset.

  2. Then click the View & Edit Meters button. 

Figure: View & Edit Meters


Regardless of which method you use, the asset’s Meter Reads page will load. By default, the page lists meter reads for the past 30 days.

  1. To view meter reads for a specific date range, input the dates and click Search.

  2. To edit the meter reads from a specific date, click Edit under the Action column.

  3. To delete the meter reads from a specific date and time (including all different types of meters for that date and time), click the Remove button under the Action column.

  4. To delete all the meter reads for this asset, click the Delete All button. Do this with caution, as the action cannot be undone.

  5. To save changes, click the Save button.

  6. To return to the previous screen without saving changes, click Back

Figure: Meter Reads Screen


When you click the Edit button, the required data will load.

  1. Update meter reads by changing the numbers in the Current Read field. Make sure edited meters reads are greater than previous read and less than next read.

  2. Delete a specific meter read by clicking the Remove button.

  3. Click OK to save changes and close the window or Cancel to close without saving.

Figure: Edit Meter Reads



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