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Uploading Meter Reads

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:05:55 GMT
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Uploading Meter Reads

In addition to manually entering meter reads, iOffice allows the upload of electronic files that contain meter reads for a specific date. It is important to have the same building and assets as listed on the Meter Read screen. Any discrepancies will cause reporting complications.


Note: The user interface to upload meter reads is a preference that must be enabled during initial configuration.

Create File

For the file to upload properly, it must be formatted in a specific way. Follow these guidelines.

  1. You must create the file in Excel (or similar software). Web jet files can be used; just cut and paste the information into a different file.

  2. You must save the file in .csv or .txt format. If it is a .txt file, it must be comma delimited.

  3. Each asset must have unique serial number or ID. IP addresses cannot be used because they may not be unique.

  4. The file must have columns for each of the following categories. If the category doesn’t apply (i.e., the asset only prints B&W, not color) use a zero (“0”) as a placeholder for that field.

        - Copy Color

        - Copy B&W

        - Print Color

        - Print B&W

        - Meter Read Date/Date Input

  1. The asset must have the same meter read fields (i.e. Copy Color) set up during the initial site configuration.

  2. You must have a value in each cell, even if zero (0).

  3. Include the site name and date in the file name for easier management of files and data. An example of an effective file name is “ABC Corp - 2007 06 01.txt”


Figure: Sample Effective File Name

Upload a File

After creating the file, you can upload it to the TRAC Solution website.

  1. Click upload meter reads under the Actions column of the Meter Reads screen.

Figure: Upload Meter Reads

Locate and upload the file.

  1. Click Choose File to open a file search box.

  2. Locate the file on your computer.

  3. Click the Choose button to select the file. 

  4. After attaching the file, click Upload


Figure: Upload File


Note: The upload speed depends on the file size and your connection speed.


  1. Map the data columns for serial number and meters. 

Figure: Data Columns for Serial Number and Meters


The data is then listed and validated to ensure the uploaded data has the correct serial number, meter date, and meter reads.


  1. Any bad data is marked with a warning icon.

  2. When you hover over the icon, you can read details about the error.


Cancel the upload process and fix the data or you can proceed with the remaining good data.

  1. After the upload, a count of the meter reads added displays. 



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