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Cancel a Request (Work Order)

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:18 GMT
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Cancel a Request (Work Order)

Once you submit a work order, it is available in the Request Queue.


However, if you would prefer to cancel your request before it is processed, you may cancel a request (work order) by completing the following steps: 


Note: If you are an administrator, you can perform the following steps. However, if you are an operator, you will need your administrator to set the following Copy permission ("Allow Job Deletion" checkbox that allows operators to delete copy center jobs - Admin>Copy>Preferences). If the setting is not checked, then you will only be able to Print or Close a selected request. 


  1. Select the request you want to cancel in the Request Queue by pressing the Prod View button. The Production View screen opens.


Deleting a Copy Request3.png

Figure: Production View Screen


  1. Select the Delete button. The Cancel Work Order screen opens.


Cancel Work Order.png

Figure: Cancel Work Order Confirmation Screen.


  1. Click the OK button. The selected job is deleted.



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