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Job Details Screen

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:32 GMT
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Job Details Screen

The Job Information screen provides overall Job Details, Contact Information, and access to File Attachments and is separated into three sections: 

  • Job Details

  • Contact Information

  • File Attachments

Job Details Tab

The Job Details tab summarizes the basic job request. Any item with a pencil icon to the right is editable.

  • Simply select the icon, update the information, and click the Save button. 


Job Information Job Details Tab.png

Figure: Job Information - Job Details Tab


The links and fields for the Job Details tab are covered below.

Job Vended Screen

Job Vended Allows you to record details about any component of the job that has been sent to a third-party vendor. Selecting the Job Vended option opens the Job Vended window.


  1. Select the No link and a pop-up will appear allowing you to choose the vendor and enter Reference Info, an item description, a cost, and a sale price.

  2. Click the Save button to save any changes to the job information 

Job Vended Window1.png

Figure: Job Vended Screen

QC Error Report

The QC Error Report allows users to record details surrounding any errors.

  1. Click the No link beside the QC Error Report and a pop-up will appear that allows details to be recorded.

  2. Click Save to save information and view in reports. 

QC Error Report.png

Figure: QC Error Report

Delivery Method

The Delivery Method is automatically populated based on the customers' selection. However, it can be changed by selecting an alternative method from the drop-down field. 


A delivery label may also be printed with the delivery contact information. Select the printer icon to the right of the drop-down field to print. 

Delivery Method.png

Figure: Delivery Method

Late Warning

A Late Warning can be assigned and will automatically trigger the requestor's name to change color in the queue. This indicates the job is coming due within 30, 60, or 90 minutes. 



The Notes section displays any special instructions the requestor enters for job production. 

Contact Information Tab

Once this tab is selected, the Ordered By, Deliver To, and Bill To information appears. If an alternative Deliver To and/or Bill To are available, these sections will be grayed out. 

Contact Information Tab.png

Figure: Contact Information Tab


In order to change the contact information, select the Directory Search button in the appropriate section. A Directory pop-up will appear. Search for the user and click on their name. The selected user data will appear in the fields. 

Directory Search.png

Figure: Directory Search

File Attachments Tab

The File Attachments tab allows you to browse, upload, download, or delete any attachments.

File Attachments Tab.png

Figure: File Attachments Tab

Job Ticket Items

In order to add items, select the appropriate Type and Item drop-down selections. Record the quantity and select the Add button (located under the Actions column). 

Copy Job Ticket Tiems.png

Figure: Job Ticket Items

Print Types

Allows you to complete the ticket with the print type, machine used, who quality-checked, completed by, date/time, waste, and total impressions. 

Copy Print TYpes.png

Figure: Print Types


Unique entries can be made by print type or completion times. Click Add to expand to multiple line items. Once complete, click Update to save your information.

Completing a Ticket

In order to complete a ticket, toggle the Job Complete drop-down field to Yes (located in the Job Details tab) and click Update to save data. 

Completing a Ticket.png

Figure: Completing a Ticket


The status of the job will be automatically updated as Complete. If the preference is activated, an e-mail notification will go to the requestor notifying them that the job is complete. Once the job is in the complete status, the job can be saved to history by toggling the status to Archive. After the job is archived, the data is available to be included in Reports



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