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Searching for a Job

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:32 GMT
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Searching for a Job

  • In order to search for a specific job, select the Search Field drop-down and enter the first few letters of the order being searched in the Contains field. 


Example: Select Requestor and enter the first few letters of the requestors last name and click the Search button. 


Copy Searching for a Job.png

Figure: Searching for a Job


A legend is available that defines the changing color of the Requestor name. 


Show Legend.png

Figure: Show Legend


The Actions Column allows operations to perform several functions:

  • Print a hardcopy of the job by selecting the Print button.

  • Transfer a job to another center, if available, by selecting the Transfer button. 

  • View a hard-copy job ticket of a job that has been transferred by selecting the View button. 

  • Open a dynamic view of the job ticket by selecting the Prod View button. 


  1. To transfer a job, click the Transfer button. 

  2. Select the appropriate Center to transfer the job.

  3. Click Update.


Copy Transfer Button.png

Figure: Transfer Button

Transfer Copy Job.png

Figure: Transfer Copy Job

Production View

To open a dynamic view of the job ticket, click the Prod View button. The Job Details screen opens. 



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