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Adding / Removing a User

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:45 GMT
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Adding / Removing a User

The following section details how to add or remove a user in the Directory Module.

Removing a User

In order to remove a user, perform the following steps. 


Note: You must have administrator privileges in order to perform this function.


  1. Click on the Directory Module tile (directory_tile.png ) or left-hand vertical toolbar icon (directory_icon.png ). 


  1. Click either the Quick Search or Search function. The respective screen opens. 


Note: For this example, we selected the Quick Search function.


  1. Enter the Last Name and/or First Name of the user you want to find and click the Search button.


Figure: Quick Search Screen


       The list of available users based on your search criteria are listed. 


Figure: Available Search Results Screen


  1. Click the  link for your selected user. The Edit User screen opens. 


Figure: Edit User Screen


  1. Click the Remove button. A remove confirmation screen opens.

  2. Click Yes. The user is removed.  

Adding a User

If you need to add a new user, perform the following steps.


Note: You must have administrator privileges to perform this function.

  1. From the iOffice home screen, click either the Admin icon (admin_icon.png) or the Admin tile (admin_tile.png).

  2. Click Users. The User Maintenance screen opens.


Figure: User Maintenance Screen


  1. Click the Add a User button. The Add a User screen opens. 


Figure: Add a User Screen


User Information

  1. Enter the First Name of the new user.

  2. Enter the Last Name of the new user.

  3. Enter the Email address of the new user.

  4. Enter the Username of the new user.


Location Information

  1. If the new user is working remote, toggle the Remote? field to Yes.

  2. If not remote, enter the room that the new user will occupy.


Additional Information

  1. From the drop-down menu, click the type of user the new user will be.

  2. Enter any additional comments about the new user.

  3. Enter an Alternate Delivery.

  4. Enter the Address of the new user.



  1. If the new user is a Site Admin, toggle the field to Yes.

  2. If the user is not a site admin, select the centers associated with the new user.

  3. Once you have finished entering the information of the new user, click the Create button. The new user is created.



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