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Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:46 GMT
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Once you select Reports, you are able to access any of the reports available in the Directory module. 

Directory Reports2.png

Figure: Directory Reports


Note: You must have appropriate privileges in order to access Reports. If you have any questions about your permissions, please contact your organization's module administrator.

Creating a Directory Report

  1. In order to create any of the reports you have available, select the field next to the report.

  2. Select any specific information for your selected report (e.g. Floor Warden allows you to enter Sort By, Building, and Floor Name).

  3. Click the Create Report button. The selected report opens. 

Exporting a Report

  1. In order to export your selected Directory report, click the Export icon (Export Icon.png). The Export a Report window opens.

Export the Report.png

Figure: Export a Report


  1. In the File Format section, select the type of output for your report. 

  2. If you are only interested in a specific range of pages, you can enter this in the Page Range section. 

  3. Click the OK button to export your report, or click Cancel to cancel the export process.



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