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Using Fields in Tables

Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:07:05 GMT
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Using Fields in Tables

Insert data into your table by adding fields. All fields are listed in the Data Source Selection panel, on the left side of the Reports Editor.


The fields are divided into two sections in the panel:

  • Fields: can be added to the table as columns or groups.

  • Measures: specialized fields that contain data values. 


Figure: Adding Fields and Measures to a Report

Adding Fields and Measures as Columns to a Table

  1. In the Data Source Selection panel, click to select the field or measure you want to add to the table. Use CTRL-Click to select multiple items.

  2. Drag the selected item into the Columns box in the Layout Band. The field is added to the view as a column in the table.

Removing a Field or Measure from a Table

  • In the Layout Bank, click the x next to the field or measure’s name. 


Figure: Adding Fields to Columns and Removing an Item



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