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Last updated: Thu, 27 Apr 2017 19:06:05 GMT
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The Purchasing section allows you to maintain your purchase requests and items in your inventory may be replenished through this function.


In order to access the Purchase section, click Inventory>Purchasing. The Purchasing window opens. 


Purchase Request Inventory.png

Figure: Purchase Request

Adding or Removing Search Criteria

If you want to add search criteria, click the + to the left of the Search button at the top of the Purchase Request screen. To remove search criteria, select the - next to the search criteria. 

Editing a Purchase Request

  1. In order to edit a purchase request, select the edit link to the right of your selected request. The Edit Purchase Request screen opens. 


Edit Purchase Request .png

Figure: Edit Purchase Request

  1. Update the purchase request information and click Save


Note: If you want to approve your request, click Approve Request. If you want to cancel your request, click Cancel Request.


If you want to print your purchase request, click the Print button. If you want to close your request without saving your changes, click the Close button. 

Adding a New Request

If you want to add a new purchase request, perform the following steps:

  1. Click new request on the Purchase Request screen. The New Purchase Request screen opens. 


New Purchase Request.png

Figure: New Purchase Request 


  1. Enter the information about your new purchase request in the Purchase Request Information, Purchase Request Items, and Shipping Information section. Once complete, click the Submit button. If you want to not save your changes, click the Close button. 



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